‘May you live in interesting times’ is a much used quotation from times past during the last decade. While its origins are disputed its relevance today is not. Over the last millennium there have been two major transitions. The first was heralded by the printing press and the second by the steam engine. We are at the beginning of the beginning of the next major transition which is being heralded by the Internet.

The revolution and evolution of advertising, PR and marketing services enabled by technology we have been banging on about since 1998 is now in full swing. Dino Inc explains what the future holds for markets and why organizations need to adapt and change to remain relevant in an always on, open and connected world.

Organizations who pro actively choose to embrace opportunities to hand will be participants at the dawning of a Meta Age. Those who choose to ignore the Internet will go the way of the dinosaurs. Much of this book was written out of our desire to explain the past, present and future of the Internet. It draws upon our combined 40 years of living and working virtually in markets throughout the world. We trust you will have as much fun sampling this book as we have had living it.

Declan Elliott & Ronan Murphy

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